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Kenny Kramme of the Joe Bonamassa Band: ROCKTIMES Review of Had To Cry Today (Translated from German)


ROCKTIMES Review of Had To Cry Today (Translated from German)

Joe Bonamassa/Had To Cry Today

[Translated from German]

Smokin ' Joe" Bonamassa was infected at the tender age by four years with the music of the guitar hero Stevie Ray Vaughan, as he says. That is accordingly also into its Songs to the thing. Today its current CD "Had lies tons of Cry Today" before me. It is the fifth CD for four years. The man holds himself ran. Together with his friends Eric Czar (b), Kenny Kramme (dr) and the guest musicians Benny Harrison (keyb.) and Jon Paris (harp) went avoiding it in the studio around Blues skirt of the finest one on the silberscheibe.

Hardly that is closed, geht's already powerful CD pit of my Player to the thing. The sound does not leave desires open, crystal-clear heights and a knackiger bass. Clean work! "Never Make Your move Too Soon" creates it at first attempt to wind oneself into the gehoergaenge. There also times chords are used, which one does not get to hear otherwise so frequently. "Travellin ' South" wakes my old passion to the air guitar. The Song is rather fast. The Fills with guitar and schlagzeug is always hundred percent very beautifully - on the point. The bass rams a rhythm with the Bassdrum, with which no part of the body can remain quiet standing.

Now only times again a few courses one down-switches, which is to be understood however not negatively. "Junktion 61" smoothly in "Reconsider the baby" turns into, is a typical Bluesnummer. The broad sound of guitar reminds me of the sound of Pink Floyd into the 70ern, particularly since the organ sounds similar as by Rick the WRIGHTS. An overwhelming solo. So passionately, as I did not hear it already for a very long time no more on a current disk. Passion seems to have completely largely written Joe with these CD. So also with the next song, "Around The volume", with very beautiful organ bringing in.

And a new sport magazine in the TV should look for times a genuinly good Jingle, is offered the instrument valley "Revenge OF The 10 Gallon wears" almost. The Slowblues Ballade "When She Dances" drives the tears into the eyes. That might not only please the lady world. Joe with its easily occupied schmachtenden voice really takes everything out of itself. I love this Song. This guitar does not play solo one, it tells a history.

Eric Czar introduces "Had ton of Cry Today" with a short solo one. The glasses ring in the cabinet. So a bass must sound. Now it goes again correctly to the thing. Ellenlange Soli, which prepare simply only joy. That is unbelievable, which from their instruments rausholen young there. Who at the latest here not to the Bonamassa fan will not to help is no more. "The River" begins easily countrylastig with an acoustic guitar, in order to then ascend to one midtempo skirt number. Very beautifully here the Harp inserts and the Slidegitarre. Drummer Kenny Kramme holds the rhythmic Korsett together that volume outstanding. The BREAK come always completely exactly on the point.

With ramming rhythm and acoustics guitar continues it. "When The Sun Goes down" is called the good piece and again strongly of the Harp is supported. With the last Song "Faux Mantini" proves still times its fingerfertigkeit to Joe. For this piece it needs only an acoustic guitar, well well, two acoustic guitars. Man, is the boy fast and each clay/tone is cleanly played. I am again times from the socks. One knows this speed otherwise only from good Flamencospielern. I can unfortunately give none to Anspieltipps, because the whole work is from first to the last Song a Kracher. For me completely clearly, the album of the yearly 2004. I can hardly hear it to wait for the next disk of "Smokin ' Joe"!

Play time: 46:29, medium: CD, Mascot Rec (Rough trade) 20041: Never make your move too soon 2: Travellin ' south 3: Junction 61 4: Reconsider baby 5: Around the bend 6: Revenge OF the 10 gallon has 7: When she dances 8: Had ton cry today 9: The more river 10: When the sun goes down 11: Faux mantini

Michael (Mike)Schroeder, 08.01.2005

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Label: Mascot Rec (Rough trade)
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