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Kenny Kramme of the Joe Bonamassa Band: December 2004


Ragazzi Music Review of Had To Cry Today (Translated from German)

Joe Bonamassa - Had To Cry Today (Provogue 2004)

[Translated from German]

A short series - the young wild ones of the Blues - part of 3 (and provisional conclusion): Joe Bonamassa

And still another young, very talentierter guitarist enters the Blues stage: Joe Bonamassa from New York. Affected by sizes such as Eric Clapton, seals Ford, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy plays Bonamassa already since the respected lebensjahr guitar and in the meantime some at abilities and own profile developed. To hear particularly beautifully on its current album "Had ton of Cry Today".

Together with its friends and volume members Eric Czar (at the bass) and Kenny Kramme (at the schlagzeug) as well as the guests Benny Harrison (to the Hammond) and Jon Paris (to the Harmonica) darbietet Joe Bonamassa on its second album the whole range of Chicago Blues over delta Blues up to the British Blues of the 60's. Thus one feels at Cream, which reminds Yardbirds or also of ZZ Top. And that most virtuos at the guitar and also at the singing, which fits with its kehlig rauchigen voice marvelously. Its Mitmusiker can keep the musical level fortunately good, while bassist Czar acts solidly relatively "bind-suited", play Kramme a rather wuseliges, percussives schlagzeug, which inserts itself however well.

While the first titles are pure power Blues skirt, also Balladen (e.g. "Junction 61") do not come too briefly. And also this profession controls Bonamassa. In addition comes still wild, flowing Instrumentals, which reminds occasionally of Allman the Brothers.

High point of the album is clearly the Titelsong, a Cover blind of the Faith classical author written by Steve Winwood. Joe Bonamassa says that that would have fascinated him the Song underlying reef... And logically Bonamassa dissects the reef out and catapults the originally psychedelisch jammige number with full strength into the Bluesrock sky, where the guitars howl ewiglich. Hammer-hard then the locking continuousguitar-solo... Even if times again the quite abgedroschen sounds: Alone this number is worth the purchase of the album!

But as said: A mad Blues skirt album, which the fans from the Sesseln pusten should. To the conclusion Joe Bonamassa proves what ' outstanding guitarist it then still with a "finger exercise" on the acoustic guitar is real. That has then even a Touch of the California Guitar Trio, impressing!

Thomas's Kohl soot
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