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Kenny Kramme of the Joe Bonamassa Band: March 2004


JLT Joe Lynn Turner Album Review [Translated from Japanese]

JLT Joe Lyn Turner

[Translated from Japanese - Sort Of]

Friends Of Joe Lynn Turner Official Fan Club Japan BranchJaw * phosphorus * turner - in the midst of official fan club Japanese branch member collection!
" The Japanese branch " of the official fan club which is England is, is artist official recognition fan club. Plus making benefit of the English official fan club, there is below-mentioned Japanese individual service.* Acquiring harmony meaning to the english bulletin of year 2 issue, we report.* It issues also the Japanese individual news on occasion.* There is a mailing * list of the Japanese member limitation participation.Admission desired * in addition we accept the inquiry with the E-Mail.E-Mail: mailto:JLTfansite@hotmail.comOr in regard to enclosure, please send the return envelope which pasted 80 Yen stamp to the below-mentioned address address.〒 335-8799 the Saitama prefecture bracken city center 5-8-21Bracken post office stationary Hoshino one JLTFc Japan(To last year from FC address it became new address in modification) * Because " the FC of the artist and management official recognition " is, our company does not owe all responsibility to management of fan club. Acknowledgement you ask.

2nd album " HTP II " (temporary) of HTP, 9/3 Japanese precedence (approximately 1 month) sale! Recording number is as mentioned below!
Alone I Breathe
Losing My Head
Going My Way
Hold ON
Lost Dreams
Time And Time Again
Goodbye Friday
Burning The Sky
Keep ON Shining (Japanese Bonus Track)
Let's Talk About It Later

ALBUM 2003/6/4 Release Joe Lynn Turner / JLTJaw * phosphorus * turner - / JLT- Canyon International / PCCY-01651 / \2,427 (tax removal) \2,548 (including tax)The Japanese preceding sale / the Japanese board bonus * track/truck 1 tune recording Explanation * lyric * bilingual text attachment

Hard * lock soul, full opening!The solo * album to which the Rainbow and DEEP PURPLE other things, participating with the legendary band of the hard * lock boundary depends, of course, Asahi super dry cm song even with of 2001 years the lock * ヴォーカリスト which is familiarity " challenge * ゼム * all ", the jaw * phosphorus * turner - is after approximately 2 years (the 8th) the first self * title * album. Although there being a core, although being rich in ヴァリエーション such as the M-6 where the shout chorus of バラッド M-4 and the rust where the sweet vocal glows is impressive, in total it is not different to the expectation of the fan, it is finished in the " hard * lock * album ".With this work, the original MEGADETH, rhythm party of the SAVATAGE other Al * ピトレリ (G) and the original Ritchie Blackmore ユ S Rainbow, グレッグ * Smith (B) and John * オライリー (Ds) were begun, many artists are appointed, the bloom is attached to the work. In addition, the original 々 the guitar * play by main person of the jaw which makes itself music carrier start as a guitarist one of hearing.

Recording tune
IN COLD Blood in * cold * blood
Jump START jump * start
Lu Dirty Deal dirty * D
Love Don't Live Here ラヴ * Don To * リヴ * ヒア
Excess excess
Let's Go レッツ * go
Cryin ユ Out Loud Klein * out * loud
Lie* ライ *
Fantasize ファンタサイズ
Blood Fire blood * fire
Drivin' With My Eyes Closed ドライヴィン * ウィズ * my * アイズ * closed
Hit The Switch hit * the * スウィッチ
Reprise リプライズ

The Japanese board bonus * track/truck) Produced by Bob Held and Joe Lynn TurnerVocals Produced by Bob Held and Mark WexlerRecorded and mixed at Unique Studios, NYC and NYMastered at the Hit Factory by Scott Hull.<>

AL PITRELLI (Al * ピトレリ: G)The guitarist who adapts with the original SAVATAGE and the MEGADETH et cetera. As the jaw with the same " Italian type American " relations of old knowledge.

CHRIS CAFFERY (crith * キャファリー: G)The SAVATAGE and that SAVATAGE project of the producer and pole * O'Neill where the edge is deep: TRANS-SIBERIAN Guitarist of ORCHESTRA. The latest participation probably due to the introduction of the Al * ピトレリ.

GREG SMITH (グレッグ * Smith: B) Original RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW ("STRANGER IN US ALL " time being on the register) basis To.

JOHN O'REILLY (John * オライリー: Ds)The original RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW (being on the register) with the drummer, after that it participates in also the BLACKMORE'S NIGHT " the STRANGER IN US ALL " time. Al * ピトレリ CPR (Coven/Pitrelli/O'Reilly - The '92) with it was simultaneous.

KARL COCHRAN (cirque * body run: G)The guitarist who adapts as a member of the JLT Band. At the time of 3rd album " UNDER COVER " release ('97 year) the case of promotion visiting Japan, accompanying to the jaw, it visits Japan. The other than that ace * hurray of the original KISS also it has been on the register as a base in Lee's band. Presently even with itself band VOODOO LAND in the midst of activity.

ERIC CZAR (エリック * the - Lu: B)Basis To who participates in the album of here recent JLT, works 5 chord bases. The original 々 seems the member of the オルタナ band of the NY.

ANTHONY BRUNO (un SONY * Bruno: Back Vo)Whether method of calling, " To knee * Bruno " sort is better, possesses, the * & * woman Vo with the original member of the band SARAYA which, the guitarist who participated in also the early solo * album of the JLT.

JOE BONAMASSA (jaw * ボナマッサ: G)That マイルス * デイヴィス and the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND the very * oak ray, the lobby * chestnut of the DOORS - the moth - the sons made, the guitarist " of 2 world band " BLOODLINE. It announces also the label " 550 Music/Okeh " empty solo * album " A New Day Yesterday " of EPIC affiliation to '00 year.

PAUL MORRIS (pole * Morris: Key)The capable keyboard * prayer which past serves, the support of many bands such as RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW and KISS. JLT It is the keyboard * prayer of the Band, naturally large number it participates even in the solo * album of the past JLT.

CHRIS MARKSBURY (crith * マークスバリー: G)As for main business the professional photographer (as for the photograph which is used in art work of this work those by that hand) is, but with this work large participating of composition / guitar * play and eight surface six 臂 is done.

BOB HELD (hob * heald: B)Already already the solo * album of familiarity and the JLT recent years the producer who has been produced with the jaw directly jointly. This time being based * play, it participates.

JOE LYNN TURNER (jaw * phosphorus * turner -: G)As for the original 々 as for the jaw which makes that music carrier start as a guitarist, one timewise side * guitar was repelled even with the ライヴ of the RAINBOW, but when visiting Japan with the May of 02 HTP it has reached the point where later again the side * guitar is repelled.

Last year (2 people of the HTP whose 2002 years) also May visiting Japan performance is popular, the Glen * fuse and the jaw * phosphorus * turner - presently it has entered into the recording of the respective solo * album. Release respectively schedule around 5 - June. In addition 2 people after that have become the schedule which starts also the recording of the 2nd album of the HTP. As many as 2003 years in the trend 2 main point attention!

The jaw * phosphorus * turner - the name is known worldwide as a recording * artist, past 8 worlds * tour is done, the album * sales which is climbed 7000000 or more is being increased.When your own band, the rainbow (at that time Mercury / the poly- doll) you want participating from the famous guitarist and the Ritchie * black moa, whether the band of birthplace new * Jersey state graduate, with the ファンダンゴ after producing album 4 from the RCA record, as for him of it was to receive request. Piling up the hit * album, after starting, he started walking the carrier separated from that band, as a solo. It produced the first solo * album from Electra, ' rescue * u ' is. The pad * ベネター, the knight * ranger and the artist of the ラヴァーボーイ and the like and by the fact that it appears in tour together, he touched the eye of the people of the layer which is wider than until now, reached the point where in more is recognized than the talent which he has as alone a Singer * song lighter/writer many people. In order to advance collaboration activity, he the noted イングヴェイ * マルムスティ - united the ン and the hand as a progressive guitarist. And being born worldwide million * cellar * album ' Odyssy ' and, the ライヴ board ' trial * bi- * fire which records the Russian * tour which crosses 5 weeks: ライヴ * in * Leningrad ' is. After that recreation is taken sufficiently and whether the time where spirit is raised, he receives communication again from the black moa person, the legend which re-is formed the super * group, deep * purple does not participate as a ヴォーカリスト it was invited. The album ' スレイヴズ * and * masters which release are done ' with with this re-formation, the turner - again the position was designated as certain ones as one person of the lock boundary prominent ヴォーカリスト. Like whether with this it was not sufficient of, the turner - after that finding time, the ビリー * ジョエル, the shale, the Michael * ボルトン and ボニー * tie Ra, it offered the talent of the vocal, because of the work of the innumerable extent many famous artist such as Taylor * デイン, pole * キャラック and John * weight.
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