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Kenny Kramme of the Joe Bonamassa Band: May 2003


Wildflowers Festival- Richardson Texas

Wildflowers Fest - Richardson, Texas Featuring: Chris Duarte, Joe Bonamassa with Jim Suhler and Jonny Lang

The rockin blues were alive and kickin in Richardsontoday / tonight. I went to the Wildflower Fest to catch Jonny Langs show and since admission was cheap before 4 I decided to check out Chris Duarte. Not much of a change there I must admit. Lots of fancy finger work and over done solos. Only song I recognized was Big Legged Woman.

Next onto Joe Bonamassa a 26 year old slinger from NY.I have heard a lot about him from friends and I guess he has heard about me as he had sent me a lot of promo material and his current CD. Did not really know what to expect. This kid shot before seeing the white of their eyes. Some fine acrobatic solo work and thick riffs. Joe can hold his own against the "big boys"anyday. Very tight power trio with Kenny Kramme on drums and Eric Czar on bass who is a show in himself. A special treat was had for all, our very own JIM SUHLER sat in on the last 2 song and damn the sparks were flying between these two guitarists. Jim and Joe beyond complimented each other. It was great seeing Jim perform in this particular genre and judging fron the crowds response they loved what he was doing!

Finally Jonny Lang. I made it to his show about 1/3 into it. He played a variety of tunes from both his LIE TO ME and WANDER THIS WORLD cd as well as some new tunes from his up and coming cd due out sometime in September he is hoping. He mainly stuck to the slower tunes and of coursed closed out the show with LIE TO ME. His vocals have matured and are much stronger and his playing has more muscle to it. He has added a saxplayer who plays some tasty riffs. His bass player reminds me of Rob Donovans bass player LOL. After the show Jonny did a meet and greet with selected fans then graciously came out and signed autographs for those of us outside the fence. It was great in that he remembered me and we were able to do a little catching up.Oh I did catch Peter Framptons last song DO YOU FEEL LOL. Boy has he goten old! While attending these shows I took the time between snapping photos to look out upon the audience's for these 2 shows in particular, which were massive for Joe and Jonny, and it made me think of the thread about people not going to shows. I looked upon these thousands of people and wondered, Where are you? How can we get you to come hear the weath of talent we have here? Kind of made me wish I had flyers to passout. I guess it is always going to be the million dollar question.All in all it was for me and the several other NTBers I saw there a great day /evening of blues rock. And again, Jim, YOU ROCKED!!!!!!!!Lisa~~Has a cool autographed Koozie :)

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