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Kenny Kramme of the Joe Bonamassa Band: June 2001


CRUEL INTENTION 2001 Joe Lynn Turner Review by Umberto Sartini

[Translated from Italian]

I know that you are working to your new one cd, whose tito it it is "Slam", you want to speak to us of?OK! In order to begin I can dirti that the title it me has been inspired from one of the most catastrophic threats that are incumbent on mankind: it has been in fact previewed from 26 scientists and astrologi that October of 20023 year the earth will probably come hit from some asteroids.... Always they have been attracted from regarding arguments natural disasters, but I must say that this has decidedly captured my attention.The album of for himself will enjoy a greater cohesion regarding my previous jobs, in fact not there will be more guest musicians to the contrary are taken advantage to me of an only one band for the realization of every song.

You can already anticipate some name to us of your musicians?Sure! Akira Kajiyama to the chitara, Kenny Kramme on drums and to low Eric Czar. I can moreover dirti that the new one cd will play a lot heavy and dark, sure will be also a lot melodia, however creed of being able to say to have realized the job heavier than all my career. We will be to see if the fans they will appreciate it! " Slam " has been recorded to New York in 5 weeks.....

Me it seems to understand that "Slam" is ready.... When it could be available in the storees?Probably will be available for the Japanese market from the 15 september, while the MTM the rilascerà one in October (but that they will have more ' sti Japanese than we? Nda).

I imagine therefore that you are organizing a tour in order to promote the new one cd....Yes and not.... It depends on my engagements, in fact in first of september I will catch up Glen Hughes to Los Angeles where we will record cd an entirety....

Me it was reached voice of this plan, you can dirci something more?But not there is much to say (and sure, that it will be mai?... nda), we are writing the songs of the album and to half september we will enter in study, dopodichè we will organize the live shows. They are much enthusiastic one to the idea to work with he since Glen has been a hero for me when I have begun to play, and creed who must be considered like one of the best singers the world. For years we have been many friends but then there are a po' lost sight until when it has caught up to me in Japan during the tour of Holy Man salting on the theater box in order to execute some brano with me, a reaction of the fans has been extraordinary and therefore we have said ourselves: "because not to make a cd"

Between the other you have already had way to collaborate in the Brazen Abbot and the plan Nostradamus di Nikolo Kotzev, on purpose of this last one: you feel yourself proud of the job that you have carried out in this work?Sure! I feel a lot been involved in the Nostradamus plan, having contributed in great part to the setsura of the witnesses. I must say to feel itself honored of the fact that Nikolo has to me intentional to be involved in this experience.

How never, although you are American, all the bands of which you have made part (eccezion made for the Fandango) are European? Draft of one simple coincidence or what?Always they have been a fan of the rock European, Deep Purple on all, and creed that someone lassù has given the possibility to me to catch up many goals that I was myself prefixed.... Not not creed features of coincidences, perhaps ago all part of the Large one Slowly (risate..nda), creed a lot in the magic of the life...... (e on these words mysteriously falls the line but fortunately the good Joe recalls to me immediately nda)...... we said? ah yes the magic of the life... misticismo to part I must say that here in America not there are very many bands that I love... me particularly come in mind the Grand Funk and little others.However he is normal for a country lacking in history, or traditions. Here all it is regulated from the commerce and the business, and this emerges also in our musical production that appears much poor one from the artistic point of view.

How six successful one to obtain one voice of the sort? I want to say... it is fruit of studies and training or is from considering itself like a nature gift?When I have begun my activity of musician with the Fandango I played the chitarrista role and back ground singer, it happened then that our producer pushed to me to become lead singer, then are said to me: "Or my God has become a true singer, will record of discs, my dream is coming true itself!" therefore decided to go from teaching, or more better, from various teaching finchè I did not find that just one, that is Martin Lawrence , from which between the other I sent my Jon friend Bon Jovi who still me ringraziando for this... creed that to find teaching with which being able to communicate emotionally he is fundamental for who wants to take song lessons, Martin has always said me that to sing the training comes from the spirit "you need to have it or you don' t have it....", therefore that I have followed with he of the sort regarded some exercises on the intonazione and things but leaves me to repeat that nobody can teach to sing to that is not carried to you.

The approach with which it faces the recording of a your solista album is the same one that adopts when you play the role of the singer of one band?Approach is totally different to second of situation, when as an example I was in the Rainbow memory that Richie Blackmore wanted that you sang in much limpid one and cleaned up way, agrees always has loved to sing in linear and controlled way, but when solisti registry my album I can give free vent to my instinct and sing in more aggressive way, I can urlare how much I want insomma, many fans and friends have always asked me because he has not vented my voice more in the Rainbow or the Deep Purple , the answer are simple: I was not authorized to make it. Some songs of " Slam " have of passages a lot rilassasti, but when less you the aspects my voice hires characters who I would dare to define dramatic us, is many contrasts, is a performance much dynamics that one that you will find on " Slam ".

I know that after "Slaves and Master" you were working to according to album that it would newly have seen to you with to the Deep Purple, like never not if it is made some nuller?True E'.... We were working to the successor of "Slaves...", and I must say that we had many truly beautiful songs, the fact is that Richie was stews of giving to John Lord and Ian Paice the percentage of the royalties on of the songs of which they had not written neanche a strofa, this happened also in past, takes "Strange as an example kind of woman", this song has been written entire from Richie but has been recognized a quota also to the other boys of the Purple, stews of this determined Richie situation to call Jim Peterik of the Survivor in order to write of the material with we provoking therefore an enormous jealousy and resentment from part of Ian, such John and Roger to carry to the immediate removal from part mine, while Richie still resisted for a album ("The battle rages on"), the rest is under the eyes of all...... is a true sin that in fans cannot listen to that material, first because I think features of songs much valid, and in the second place because the fans if they deserve it, unfortunately the Deep Purple to the age is forgets you about how much the fans is important putting the interests of the band in front of all, and is sure that not there would be never separates to you if had not been for stupid jealousies and economic interests, it leaves to moreover add that reputo "to Slaves and Master" much more Deep me Purple than how much it they are not the last discs with Steve Vices.

There is a album on which you have worked of which six particularly fierce one?It leaves to think.....credo that "Difficult me to cures" ( Rainbow ) is a great beautiful album, however they are extremely proud of "Straight between the eyes" ( Rainbow ), reputo indeed a cd wonderful, they are also much content of like has outside come "Odissey" with Yngwie Malmsteen even if to work with he has been much difficult one because of its overed-measure ego, I must say that between we a feeling had been established special who are emerged in the album. Sin that this feeling did not emerge also during the live shows, thinks that it was geloso of the space that I had on the theater box, I have always tried of spiegargli that its job was that one to play the guitar and mine it was that one to sing, but not has been null to make.... Yes Odissey represents something of special in my career, even if hopes that "Slam" gives the same satisfactions to me from the point of view not only trades them.

by Umberto Sartini
CRUEL INTENTION Production® 2001
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