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Kenny Kramme of the Joe Bonamassa Band: March 2000


Joe Lynn Turner -"Holy Man"

Joe Lynn Turner -"Holy Man"

Released on MTM Music in 2000

Vocals - Joe Lynn Turner
Guitar - Akira Kajiyama, Joe Bonamassa, Andy Timmions, Tony Bruno, Al Pitrelli
Alan Schwartz, Karl Cochram, Tom Teeley
Bass - Eric Czar, Greg Smith
Keyboard -Paul Morris
Drums - Kenny Kramme

When I think of Joe Lynn Turner the first word that comes to mind is legend. Joe has gone from Ezera to Rainbow, Deep Purple, Malmsteen and now a successful solo artist. Not to mention he has sang back up on other major artist recordings.

On "Holy Man" we see Joe Lynn return to a more Rainbow, Bad Company sound with a nineties edge to it. Personally I have never heard Joe sound better!!


1.) "No Salvation" - This opening up-tempo rocker reminded me a lot of old Rainbow. After the second chorus there is a break down with a spoken vocal section. Akira's solo completely blew my head off! It is very intense in a Malmsteen way. There are very few guitarist out there that could have pulled it off and make it sound the way Akira has.

2.) "Holy Man" - I spoke with Joe two months before this release. I see what he meant about this being such a strong song. The guitar rhythm on this track has already become one of the best I've ever heard. Within the guitar rhythm there's this little slide pattern that's a lot like what CC played in "Talk Dirty To Me". The bass pattern follows right along with the guitar. Joe's vocal style on this track is real harsh and rough sounding. The backing vocals are some of the best I have ever heard recorded. The five-part harmony before the solo really brings out the song.

3.) "Anything" - This semi-ballad intro kicks off with a distorted guitar then into a picking guitar rhythm. Vocally the song resembles a lot of the material Joe did with Rainbow on "Bent Out Of Shape". The song in itself is very well rounded. Akira's playing style is plain and simple grooving.

4.) "Honest Crime" - From the very first note you can hear "the old style" Bad Company influence. Is this Joe Lynn Turner or Paul Rogers? However, when the chorus kicks in, the song takes a turn away from the BC sound as he leans more toward the classic Joe sound. You'll also find that this track has Smokin' Joe Bonamassa on guitar.

5.) "Wolves At The Door" - This track is another real bluesy Bad Company style song. But Joe also shows his vast range by taking on a Don Henley sound at various moments. Smokin' Joe Bonamassa also plays guitar on this track. During the chorus there are little lead scales that bring the chorus out.

6.) "Angel" - Showing his range again, in this is the first ballad, Joe reminded me a little of Greg Allman. I think this track was Joe just being himself --- very laid back and relaxed. When the chorus kicks in it almost pulsates. Then after the solo it seems as though the song gets so mellow and you find yourself deeply relaxed.

7.) "Something New" - Karl Cochran's rhythm guitar intro sounds like it might have been taken from a Jimi Hendrix fake book. The rough vocals are reminiscent of something you'd find in the smoke-filled back room of a nightclub. During the verse, Cochran kicks in the reverb into the guitar pattern, which has a great effect on the vocal arrangements. Andy Timmons, formerly of Danger Danger, does the guitar solo.

8.)"Freedom's Wings" -On this song Joe reaches back to that bar sound. The song also has one hell of a bass line. The solo is very melodic and done with an effects pedal.

9.)"Love Is Blind" -From the intro of this song you can tell it will be a rocking number. With the simple guitar patterns and vocal arrangements it is very seventies sounding. At times through all the other instruments you can hear a little rhythm-picking piece that really filled in the gaps.

10.)"Midnight In Tokyo" - This CD would not have been complete with out a midnight in Tokyo. This track should make any Rainbow fan happy. When listening to it through head phones you can really hear a cool bass line. The drummer really gets to show off his talent here. I can not believe Akira is not a house hold name!!!

11.)"Babylon" - This track has a really funk feel to it. The whole band gets to show their musical talent here.

12.)"Closer" -This is another very cool ballad that showcases Joe's singing talent. On this one, the rhythm guitar is playing a simple picking pattern, while the second is keeping steady rhythm in a chord progression. I really liked the way the backing vocals were set up for this song. In my musical opinion this as all the aspects of a number one song.

13.)"Too Blue To Sing The Blues" - The CD wouldn't have felt right with out a grooving blues number.

Joe has taken the best of Rainbow, Bad Company, and his solo career combined them to make this release. I honestly can not remember when he has sung better! There really isn't a song on "Holy Man" that could not be played on the radio. I think every Rainbow fan or a fan of good solid rock in general should have a copy of this. It is 120 pure rock and roll.
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