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Kenny Kramme of the Joe Bonamassa Band: ROCKTIMES SCHWARZER ADLER, RHEINBERG, GERMANY Rhine Mountain, 28,11,2004 Black Eagle Show Review Translated from German


ROCKTIMES SCHWARZER ADLER, RHEINBERG, GERMANY Rhine Mountain, 28,11,2004 Black Eagle Show Review Translated from German

Joe Bonamassa 28,11,2004 Rhine Mountain, Black Eagle

[Translated from German]

To see Joe Bonamassa live on the stage, whereupon I am already pleased for weeks. Particularly since its new CD "Had already overheats ton of Cry Today" in my CD Player since appearance. Joe, that at the tender age of 12 years already as support for B.B. King on the stage stood, said in its Biografie: "Stevie Ray Vaughan which A huge influence in my early days" . Inevitably Gitarrensoli in its music play a large role.

The "black eagle" has the Flair of a Bahnhofskaschemme. Harm, the name promised nevertheless rather a cosy tavern. Unfortunately the word "friendliness" seems to know also nobody here. The fact that the shop is not yet insolvent is probably because of because it is the none one far and broad. Ella & Olli, which we also met in this evening, reported that they had to wait over 80 minutes for your meal. Sadly, sadly! The concert hall against it is quite pleasant and the acoustics is correct.

Joe enters the stage with its volumes ( Kenny Kramme - Drums & Eric Czar - bass), snatches themselves one of its six guitars and puts loosely. "You Upset ME baby" is called the first number, which is played with a very much expanded solo one (like by the way also all other pieces). Joe does not seem to be content with the sound of its guitars Amps. It interrupts the concert and repairs the error with its Gitarrenroadie.

After scarcely 10 minutes it continues. A classical Slow Blues number of its album "Blues Deluxe", which carries the same name. It is a true joy to watch that volume and listen. Always on the point and very sensitively easily.

The man at the bass, Eric Czar , reminds me much of genes Simons of Kiss . Not from its kind of play, but of its Posing Gehabe on the stage. That not really fits the modestly working Joe and comes touched down considerable more rueber. Nevertheless one must say that Eric is a bass man of the top class. It works on its Fuenfsaiter much sovereign. One can maintain the same also from Kenny Kramme at the Drums. The volume is a unit.

"one could confound game About You baby" easily with "Dust My Broom". But Smokin ' Joe does not only let it crack - he again and again builds quiet, calm passages into his Soli, which explode then at the end. Class! There so some sizes from the category can cut themselves off still another disk, as one says so beautifully. Those approx. 200 visitors are inspired and celebrate Joe.

In the course of the evening it snatches its acoustic guitar and plays themselves without its volume "Woke UP Dreaming". This fingerfertigkeit is admirable. It harms that it remains the only acoustic number in this evening. The Song following on it sounds itself strongly after Jimi Hendrix . Is probably one of its models. A very much expanded solo with many effects follows. Afterwards is only times conclusion. There is still two further additions and the concert is after scarcely two hours to end.

Unfortunately pieces as "measure You, not played Hate You" and some mad Songs of its current album, probably, because the Keyboarder was not thereby. But which young there with three the men delivered is absolute top class. For me it was not with security the last Joe Bonamassa concert. If one considers that the man saw the light of the world only on 8 May 1977, we can hope still for many concerts. Whether these also further in small clubs will take place are however questionable. Because I am safe, one still much of Joe Bonamassa will hear.

After the Gig those gave still autographs to volume and could with some visitors be photographed. Thus and receives one wins its fans."Thanks Joe for the great Show"

Joe Bonamassa 28,11,2004 Rhine Mountain, Black Eagle
Michael (Mike) Schroeder, 02.12.2004

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